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Link Building Services: The Benefits of Thinking Outside The Box

Type link building packages into Google or Bing and you won’t exactly be short on information. Want to get dozens of sites and sources linking back to your website in a hurry? Lucky for you, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of companies in the UK who can help you generate tons of new traffic. Cheap link building sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Except there are a few issues and it’s not really perfect after all…many of these companies don’t care about doing things properly. They may be cheap and eager, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re the best option for you. In fact, if you’re not careful, buying link building services can spell disaster.

So what is the best option, then? Well, how about…

Getting a link building package from a firm who thinks differently

With so much competition in backlinks these days – from Leeds to Bournemouth, there are often many companies in even the smallest cities and towns – people are desperate to get business any way they can. But, as we all know, the best and most successful companies don’t have to resort to begging for your backlink custom. Instead, they think outside the box and do things a little differently, using backlinks creatively and in ways that innovate.

What we mean by this is simple: instead of just taking your money and setting up loads of spammy backlinks which irritate web users and confuse Google and the other search engines, reputable link building specialists will actually talk to you and try to discover who it is that you deal with and what your specific needs are. They’ll ask what kind of clients you have, what kind of clients you would like to have – not always the same thing! – and generally find websites to link on which are suitable. And don’t worry, they’re experts at creating masses of quality backlinks that really do increase your traffic in a very short period of time, which is ideal if you’re launching a product or releasing some breaking news.

So the fact about backlinks is this: the spamming approach does work to some degree, but it’s annoying and a bad idea in the long run. A much better idea is to play by the rules and get backlinks on websites all over the place, not just the initial places which you might have thought about while you were doing the basic research.

A common question: is it possible to tie-in social media and backlinks?

The answer to this is Yes, absolutely! The great thing about hiring a firm who create and sell backlinks – as well as a wide range of link building ideas for all businesses – is that they are very often the same people who manage SEO for large and small websites. Additionally, if you’ve got a website of your own that needs redesigning, then a link building company may well do this or have freelance contracts who can help you out. Sometimes, companies offer deals which comprise of a surprising number of benefits, and they might include everything from keeping your Twitter account updated to toying with your photographs to get them looking exactly right.