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Web Design: A Case-Study In Good Web Design Process

Every web design company has a different method for developing a website for a client. Let’s use an example and say that Mr Brown has contacted a firm called Web Design in Leeds, and asked them for a quote for a new website. A new website is something that this website design company in Leeds can offer – they’ve produced dozens just like this, and have enough experience and knowledge to handle all the demands, including SEO, overall look and everything that goes with it (including E-commerce).

After hearing that, you might think that producing a website would be easy for the web designer. Well…in this industry easy is never the case! Every new project presents a series of interesting challenges, and as a result, the web designer in Leeds – as with any designer, often has to draw on the help of others in their team to create the perfect website the client has in mind.
Web Design in Leeds

Putting Your Web Design Company in The Picture

In this example, the very first thing that Mr Brown needs to do is put his web designer in the picture, so that a quote can be arrived at. What does this entail? Well, it means he’ll need to give the web designer all the relevant information. A good web design process allows for a speedy delivery of the website required. Things like who the website is targeting, what the main aim of the website is, and a good idea of budget are common questions. These basic questions are usually just the start, but Mr Brown needs not to panic. This reputable web designer in Leeds has done this a number of times, and has a questionnaire which should get the best out of the thoughts running through Mr Brown’s head.


The Web Design Company Has Your Best Intentions at Heart

When considering their website, clients like Mr Brown often forget about the technical aspects and assume that the firm can do whatever they imagine. This isn’t always the case! Things like lack of budget and technical reasons mean that a web design in Leeds is often restricted from producing a site which is exactly what the client wants. For this reason, getting the initial brief as full as possible is extremely important. The more information the web designer has, the more they’ll be able to come up with something that doesn’t compromise too much, but does come in on budget.

Whatever your budget, the most important thing to remember is benefits: the key purpose of any website is to show all the benefits a company has to offer, efficiently and with minimal fuss. For this reason, in this example, our web designer in Leeds explains to Mr Brown that he can have the site he wants, but should probably consider simplifying a number of things – something which a web designer with their past web design experience is used to discussing. This isn’t just to cut the large costs that were initially involved – which the budget wouldn’t have covered – it’s also to make the site easy for the website browser to work their way around the website. The aim of any website is to streamline navigation and make every step of buying or searching as easy and enjoyable as possible. By following these rules, our web design service offers a consistent service at a freelancers price which everyone can agree on.