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4 Content Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Content marketing is, without doubt, one of the most effective methods of promoting your small business online. Simply create original, valuable content and share it on your website, and with a strong SEO strategy and social media strategy, you’ll drive traffic to your website and boost your leads in the process. Below, we’ve rounded up four content marketing ideas.

Write about your business

Content marketing ideas are usually centred around positioning your brand as an “authority figure” within your niche, with posts including tutorials, case studies and how-to guides. But what if you pulled down the curtain and let people see how your business was really run? Well, that’s exactly what Groove HQ did with their Startup Journey blog – sharing their progress as they launched their business and made money. It’s an honest and refreshing approach to content marketing that shares the struggles and successes, and helps small business owners and startups on their own journeys. Could you do something similar?

Conduct an original survey

Research is one of the best ways to gain backlinks and produce original content, so consider conducting an original survey related to your niche. If you work in childcare, for example, you could conduct a survey with mums in the local area, asking questions about the general state of childcare, government support, etc. Collate the answers and create a blog post that focuses on the key findings of your research. Send that research to newspapers, magazines and bloggers in your niche and local area, and you’ll quickly gain backlinks and exposure.

Accept contributions from guest bloggers

SEO Content MarketingGuest blogging is a great way to build your business and gain exposure for your products and services. But when did you last accept a guest blog from another blogger or company? It may seem strange giving someone else free reign on your blog, but doing so can spark some creativity and motivation, and give your readers something new to read while you focus on coming up with more ideas for your blog posts. Don’t accept just any old blog, though – make sure you vet and proof each blog post before it’s approved, checking the websites they’re linking to and adding mentions of your products where appropriate.

Create content pillars

Quality content marketing is about much more than writing a single post scratching the surface of a topic – it involves digging keep and producing high-quality content on a range of related topics that add value and build up a “pillar”. Choose a topic that’s relevant to your niche and start creating content, and then bundle them together in one “super” post that acts as a pillar and links to the other blog posts you’ve created. This from of content, which is labelled as “cornerstone content” by Yoast SEO, can help position your business as an authority and help you rank for competitive and value terms on Google and Bing.

Content marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation: you need to understand your market, see what your competitors are doing and make your moves strategically. These suggestions should help position you in the right direction, but now the hard work is down to you.

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Max Greene is the Managing Director of Muffin Marketing, a marketing agency specialising in content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation.