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Sharpen Your Marketing Skills

Marketing online can lead to major business credibility and amazing success. Fortune 100 companies actively market their business online on a daily basis. The internet has expanded all over the world, so much, that billions of people are keeping up with the latest advancements on the net. This new modern tech era brings on new challenges for old businesses, but by the correct marketing steps, it has brought great opportunity that will ultimately lead to instant business success. There are 5 ways you can sharpen your marketing skills, read below.

5 Ways to Sharpen your Marketing Skills

Every now and then, a marketing expert needs to go back to the drawing board. As mentioned above, technology advances and things will always change online. Certain things often change to make the web more secure and provide an even better user experience online. Find out below the 5 ways to sharpen your marketing skills.

1- New Visitor Trends

Visitors are the customers of the internet and they are known to give off the most valuable information online. Trends become trends because they have a high level of popularity. Satisfying the web user can lead to an instant lead, sale, and major business popularity online. By studying your specific visitors in your industry, you will get a better idea how to satisfy them online.

What are the top 4 ways to track your visitors and discover the latest trends?

  • Heatmap: A heat map can track web visitor mouse actions on a web page. Pinpointing where the web visitor is most active on the exact portion of a website can be very beneficial information for all types of businesses with a website.
  • Read Forums: Good quality forums often have truthful information and questions by real people. Forums have different topics so it’s easy to search a specific topic of interest inside a forum. Most forum users will answer questions and give off their personal opinion(s) on various topics.
  • Analytics Implementation. Google analytics is the number one way to track live web visitors that land on a website. Google analytics provides great detail for every on page visitor such as the main location where the visitor is coming from to land on a specific website. Google analytics has an embed code, this makes it very easy to install and SEO friendly.
  • Social Blogs. Blogs are great ways to catch up on the latest trends on the web. Blogs give off great information and a summary of what the newest trends are per business. By reading blogs, more knowledge will be gained.

2- Conducting Competitor Analysis

It’s always wise to conduct a competitor analysis. Competitors are people in the same business category that may offer the same things as your business. Some of your competitors may be on the same level as you and others may be just a bit more popular. Conduct a direct competitor analysis to identify where you are located in terms of success and where your competitors are.

3- Website on Demand

A website brings in great criticism and judgment on the web. Having a well-designed website can mean more page hits and a longer visitor stay time.

What are the top 3 web design layouts?

  • Multi-Page Web Design
  • The One Page Web Design
  • Split Screen Web Design

4- Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization can do wonders for a website it terms of hits, sales, and popularity! Indeed, it has been proven that proper SEO can lead to all the previous listed items involving success. There are millions of websites listed in various search engines, with this large amount, all websites must be optimized correctly to notify search engines where they would like to be listed. Meta tags are the most important tags that should be added to the head section of every web page. Meta tags will inform search engines what a website’s title, description, and keywords are per page.

Quick Note: Social media has become one of the most influential SEO factors. Web sites with a large following are more credible on the web.

5- Connect with other Marketers

The best way to sharpen your marketing skills is to communicate with other marketers in the field. Making more connections is always great. Meet up is a great website that hosts events for people to meet!

What are the 2 best social media websites to connect with other marketers online?

  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin

With the internet continuously advancing and people constantly jumping from one trend to another, it is always important to keep up with the newest information. Follow the above 5 ways to sharpen your marketing skills.