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Working With Your Web Designer in Leeds

Revamping an old website can be a bit of a burden; first you have to worry about branding (it can’t be too different, but equally it must be new and fresh and your web designer in Leeds must understand where you are coming from) and then you have to concern yourself with all the SEO requirements. The creation of a brand-new website design, however – if you live in Leeds or nearby – is something different entirely. Starting from scratch is fun, enjoyable and a chance to create an identity without many of the branding complications.

But it doesn’t always go smoothly! To ensure your web designer does exactly what you expected, here are a few hints and tips to help you along:

1) Be clear on what you want before you go to your web designer: remember that if you have a clear idea then he or she will also have a clear idea. Knowing what you want in the beginning also means less complications down the line when it’ll cost much more to change and adapt.

2) Be clear on price: all web designer rates are different, so make sure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to budget (that said, most web design companies in Leeds are extremely reasonable and happy to discuss this).

3) Don’t expect any web designer – or otherwise – to provide the content as well. Some web design companies do, but many don’t and remember: content is king!

4) Every web designer has a different way of working, so many people find it advisable to create a plan in the beginning which lets everyone know where they stand. This means you both know when things need to be delivered, which also means a smoother job and a happy customer at the end of the day.

5) Always remember that if you’re not happy with your web designer, you can tell them, they don’t bite! Tell them right away and you’ll be surprised how easy it might be to solve the problem and get exactly what you wanted.

6) Are you stressing your website designer out about the style and functionality of your site? Remember that although the end choice is always yours, your web designer will have done this countless times. Trust them to come up with a great solution, even if it is slightly different than what you originally imagined when your website came to mind.

7) Lastly, have you considered asking your web designer for advice on buttons, social networking and how you can get more easily noticed? Many firms now have specific staff assigned solely for social networking needs. Do take advantage, as there is nothing else more powerful when it comes to getting your name and standards known! (And besides that, many web design agencies may give you cheaper rates as part of the deal…doesn’t that sound good to you?)